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This blog is dedicated to people who want to share  her/his experiences with bed bugs and exterminators. We hear so many stories from you about problems you have had to deal with, and invite you to share them with others who may benefit from your experience with bed bugs

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  1. Quentin Castrey says:

    You can certainly see your skills in the work. pest control is a tough business we trust you are doing well.

  2. fifa coins says:

    Love the site– really user friendly and lots to see!
    now i know more about pests

  3. kids nfl jerseys says:

    we had bedbugs and tried all kinds of treatments. finally we got rid of our mattress & box spring, but it still didn’t solve the problem. Finally we called an exterminator- and they got the job done.

  4. Pharaohson says:

    The best way to get rid of them, is to first put all your clothing and bltnekas in bags, separated by color etc. Put them aside, oh and there are services that give your clothing etc an extra hot wash. What I did was purchase a spray specifically for bed bugs which worked radically, and sprayed all over, on mattresses, couches, carpeting, making sure to get nooks, crannies, corners, spray your insides of your shoes too. then used the hot steam cleaner and did my couches, mattresses, underneath them.. and the carpet. It takes a while, and you get sweaty but it’s worth it. Unfortunately, if you have wood slats for your mattresses, you need to either heat steam and spray the heck out of them, all the holes, cracks, corners.. a few times, or just get rid of them. They can hide in cracks n stuff. Metal is better, and even then, put Vaseline around the lower part of the legs, so they can’t crawl up them. After you have sprayed, and then steamed everything then you can vacuum and make sure to throw away vacuumed up stuff in a separate bag and throw away, far away.. or what I did was flush it. THEN: using a hot steamer, shampoo your carpets.If you are a hoarder, you may as well just move. but if you can get rid of all needless items do so. They can hide anywhere. After a days rest, then it’s time to go through your closets with bed bug spray. Steam them out too. Wash ALL clothes n stuff, I actually did it a second time, the next day for good measure vacuumed, heat steamed and then sprayed.. but I was getting a bit paranoid! I’d see a dark fleck and think it was a bug but it wasn’t.. 🙂 anyway.. it’s a lot of work but worth it and I didn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a service. AFTER all is done, and until you know you’ve gone through everything and get on with life when you change your clothes, do not just throw them on the floor. You must immediately put your used or dirty clothes in plastic bags and tie them. Use hot water when you can. and before leaving on vacation, or even just for the day I would respray everywhere well, at least for that first month.Hope that helps!I think that’s about it.

  5. Goldenon says:

    just over a week ago i found a bed on the side of the road. BIG MISTAKE being homeless over a year made me deptsraee to have bed to sleep on. On the 2nd night i had bites, not knowing i kept the bed 4 a week. Now its gone.But the bites r not gone i cant get any sleep from itching they welt and seem 2 b spreading even hydrocortizone doesn’t help, I’ve tried putting bleach in my bathwater now gave some relief. My question is how do i deal with these bites? Please help I’m in pain No insurance to goto the doctor.

  6. Cinsjaltanani says:

    Vacuum your carpets with poewdr which kills bedbugs and dust mites easy to find.Clean floors ..Vacuum and clean sofasBedrooms ..You can “bomb” the place for a quick fix BUT cover foodstuffs, Cd’s, computer ..Please don’t forget to take the dog, cat, hamster ..with you!Wait for at least 24 hours before returning and then open all windows and turn on all bathroom/kitchen fans to ventilate.Then get a cover non-plastic for dust mites to go over your mattress and one over your box spring. Usually 80 bucks for a queen and 40 bucks for box spring. Get covers for bed pillows as well.Wash all bed linen at least once a week in HOT water. Try not to use wool blankets since you can’t toss them into the washer.The key to bed bugs is personal hygiene cleanliness and household cleanliness.References : BCL

  7. imavearkine says:

    I read the other answers, and was supesirrd. Use a pesticide for goodness sake and clean up the mess. Wash linens in hot water, vacumn the matresses after the pesticide. Good luck. The sooner you address this problem the better. Do you know what all this critters can do to you? Infections leading to staphs gane-green. I hope you don’t have kids sleeping in that house. They are most likely in all beds and around the whole house. You CAN SEE THEM WITH THE NAKED EYE.References :

  8. Vimax says:

    A friend of mine lived in a group home and had reectnly moved out. He had mentioned that the house had bed bugs, but they had seemed to stay on the first floor.He just moved into a new place and after a few weeks of being there, along with a brand new out of the plastic mattress, we found the creeping bugs.I’ve often sat on the bed, since there is no where else to sit, other then the floor. Is there a chance I brought them home?I have not shown any signs of being bit, no itching and no marks. Could I have dodged this?

    • Michael Pietrafesa says:

      Your safest approach is to assume the worst and have an inspection. Bed bugs are notorious for hitchhiking on clothing, so there is a very good chance you could have them.
      Also suggest you use a k-9 in the inspection just in case your infestation is new. The dogs are far more adept at locating the bugs or their babies (nymphs) as your infestation is new.

  9. I have a friend that her faimly’s home is infested with Bed bugs. She removed all the furniture and vacumed 100 times and removed all clothing to wash at a laundromat. Do you think she still has them? The couch was infested with these awful bed bugs. She took the couch and chairs to the dumpster, and vacumned many,many times. What are the chances that they are gone? what else can she do to eliminate them. She is so frazzled.

    • Michael Pietrafesa says:

      Chances are they are still there. Have an exterminator come in to do a proper job. The eggs and nymphs won’t be vacuumed out.

  10. Jose says:

    Biggest mistake I’ve ever made was byuing a used mattress from a second hand store. I ended up with a bed bug infestation like you would not believe, but by using food grade diatomaceous earth, diligent cleaning for a month, bed bug mattress cover, I finally got rid of them. My advice, look at the mattress for signs of bed bugs BEFORE you bring it home, even if it’s new (many time, companies just stick the returns back out on the floor).

  11. Christian says:

    Hello,I came across your e-mail aedsdrs and wondering if you might be able to help me determine if the bites in the pictures attached are from bed bugs? I have no idea how one can

    tell whether they are from bed bugs or other pest. How can one differentiate? If you look close at the bites, you’ll see a linear pattern in each, is this what they look like?Please

    advise.Thank you.

  12. Paige says:

    When you put the plastic matrsets cover on, also put a washable matrsets pad 16.00 over the plastic cover for comfort. I recommend putting a zipper plastic cover on the base after

    treating it. use tape to secure and check for any holes since the plastic cover can rip whether cheap or expensive. I bought some for 7.50 each at a store in NJ called Marburn

    Curtains, they even have plastic and cloth zippered covers for pillows. If you cant afford a matrsets pad then used a second fitted sheet and an extra comforter. Put the legs of the

    bed in a small container or those small furniture coasters/gliders with food grade DE. or secure duct tape with the sticky side out wrapped around the legs of your bed . I use only

    white or very light colored fitted sheets now.

  13. Maria Lupe says:

    Hello I am independent deaelr which was founded in 1999, originally focused on providing mattress sanitizing services, We did so after discovering that the mattress cleaning and

    sanitizing business was a mature industry in Europe which began in the 1980?s. Our further market research revealed that there were no similar, dry and chemical free services

    being performed anywhere throughout North America. The only somewhat related services targeting the problems of mattress contamination was being done by a few carpet

    cleaning companies and only in very rare instances did they promote this service due to the inherent problems encountered when using the same equipment used on carpets to

    clean and sanitize the mattress. Please get back with me if you need further information about going “Green”!

  14. Caleb says:

    Oh Ed Darrell, you don’t want to know. Bad infestation, no total conortl, improper 1st treatment, ridding everything we own pretty much, resorted to closing out a retirement savings

    to vikane structure last fall. All was fine besides getting over the trauma of it all. Now in March, started to see signs, possible low infestation, had two different k9 companies, got

    similar results, but only one or the two companies alerted to the bed. Getting physical inspection by a pro in the field this week. As of last fall, losses were over $38k including

    treatments. PrettyGirl, Ya know. you hit the nail on the head. protects the hotel industry Anyone can get them, and MANY ARE getting them.

  15. Jason Rich says:

    pest control is tough in NY especially with all the bed bugs and roaches. you really need a gret service like this one to handle the problems.
    They provide top notch service and you never have to worry again if you follow the instructions. great guys!

  16. get rid of stretch marks says:

    I seen this on TV. and they said the only way to get rid of bed bugs is to call a professional.They did a spieacl on Dateline or some show like that.and Bed Bugs are BACK .It told

    about all the expensive hotels they were in and how you could take them home with you.May be a site on line what to look for in hotels for signs of bedbugs. YOU can see them with

    the Naked EYEI know this dont help much, but thats all I knowGood luckReferences :

  17. ronny says:

    The bed bug bussenis might be booming but my bussenis is suffering. Do you have any casual positions going for spraying of the bed

    bugs. Or anything else available. I have my own car detailing bussenis but during the winter months and these tough economic times things have been tough.Please consider

    giving me go, you won’t be sorry.Looking forward to your response.Kind

  18. Wordy Cheats says:

    I was bitten by spdier few years ago. Don’t know whether it was while at nature center or plant store, or perhaps at home. After visiting those two places, I went home and took a nap.

    Woke up with blister the size of quarter on my shoulder. Very painful AFTER blister broke when my blouse touched it. Friend put Tea Tree Oil ointment on it and kept changing

    dressing for several days. Now sever years later I can’t seethe scar.A few years later I was moving and saw a baby brown recluse come out of a book cover binding. It run down my

    arm and bit me. I put tea tree oil (liquid) on it. No lasting damage.A few nights ago I was bitten on the foot. Woke myself up jerking my foot out from under the sheet and jumped out of

    bed. Foot was on fire and bite area was swelling fast. I was out of Tea Tree Oil but I did have some collolidal silver so I put that on it. Instant relief. Swelling and pain gone almost

    immediately. Guess I am going to load up on Tea Tree Oil and collolidal silver! Can’t say it will work on every kind of bite, but so far so good.

  19. perennials in ann arbor says:

    For years I have studied the beaovihr of insects and spiders. I have to send my sympathy for those who had to undergo the experiences of suffering from spider bites and other

    insect stings in general. Spiders have acute vision eight times more than that of a Dragonfly. They rely on sight, vision, so they require planning and execution. This simply means

    that while some spiders feed on nectar, others are predators. I have seen spiders lay wait for days simply because they detect that there is movement and activity in the area. Some

    use lay and wait, surveillance, and others use search and extract, search and attack and some use all the methods. Although spiders may generally only feed on other insects such

    as ants, roaches and other spiders, some do actually feed on small birds and small lizards. This only supports that spiders choose to eat what is contained in the dietary menus and

    in all cases they do not include humans or people. However, remember that they do have reflexive reactions to defend themselves when approached, disturbed or mistakenly

    reached for by the hand or foot.

  20. says:

    I was bitten 2 days ago by what I bveilee was a spider. I felt an immense pain and brushed something out of the end of my coat onto the ground. I had a small raised red area

    immediately around the bite and the redness spread out from there. I had generally localized sever pain which felt like I was getting bit again and again even though nothing was

    there. Over the next few hours severe muscle pain and joint aches spread down into my finger and up my arm to my shoulder. I could not lift anything with that arm and generally

    just had to keep it still. Within 3 hours the bite area was a small mark but the muscle aches and joint pain continued through out the night even spreading into the front muscles of

    my chest. I never developed shortmess of breath, itching or the typical anaphalactic(sp) shock symptoms. The doctors office treated me like I was nuts (the bite happened at work).

    Has anyone ever had this reaction? I did some research and thought maybe I was bitten by a bold jumping spider.

  21. yardbites says:

    I was bitten stemoime during doing yard work or after I went to bed last night. I

    found the bite today. It is very sore and red with some purple around it and

    seems to be getting slightly bigger. I also feels like a hard knot is inside of it

    and feels like the knot moves I push on it and to touch it is painful. I did try to

    pop it and even poked it with a needle, but nothing but blood came out . It is

    very warm to the touch. My yard if full of oak trees. Yes, there have been

    several small very dark brown spiders killed and they were 2 larger brown

    spiders. I spray all the time for spiders. I however have squashed them before I

    could get a good look. I have been bitten during the night 2 times in 2 yrs on

    my hand, and those have healed, but have hard knots left and a scar. Anyone


  22. virus says:

    it was a virus goign around. He also cminlaoped that his head hurt him, but I

    thought it was just a headache. Until that night he was in the tub and he point

    to a spot on his head that hurt. You could even move his hair to look at it,it was

    really sore. So I took him back to the doctor the nextday and there was some

    yellow discharge from the big red solid spot on his head. The doctor looked at

    it and said it was lyme, and gave him meds.He goes for blood work in 2 weeks.

    I really think it’s a spider bite. Now 2 weeks later it has a scab that fell off

    yesterday and he has a bald spot where the bite was. It’s dry and has some

    little red spot around the area ans it’s been itching him like crazy. I read

    number #190 and it’s sound just like what he has but there is no responds on

    it. Can some one please help me?

  23. spider man says:

    I got bit by a spider at the pool which lokoed like the pictures 17 and 20. At first

    I just thought it was a really big ant because I was only familiar with spiders

    biting with two punctures, not one. I waited a few days expecting a bubble of

    poison to form so I could release it, but it never came. Instead it spread from

    under my armpit, into my back and into my chest. By the fifth day, I was in

    excruciating pain and the area of infection was so sore and swollen that I

    could barely move, stand, or walk. I had to go to the hospital, and they

    numbed the area and sliced it open and pushed all the blood and pus out.

    Then my doctor gave me really strong antibiotics and painkillers. For 4 days I

    had to go back and get the pus removed by my doctor. If you get an infection

    like that, get antibiotics right away. That was the most awful and painful


  24. I had similar bites, one on back of my calf, aotnher on the side of my calf, right

    above the ankle. The first, above the ankle on the outer right side was several

    years back, but after it heals, it never completely goes away, as is

    raised/bumpy, pimply. Same thing with one on the back of my calf which

    happened just a couple years ago. Both are on my right leg. Anthing that will

    keep the sore healed & flat to the skin, rather than raised with crust.As female,

    when shave, due to bumpiness, it can re-open, and then getting to re-scab

    over takes time, and then, if look like it will finally flatten, then, re-iritates. Any

    ideas? Doctor advised when he looked at in physical a year ago nothing to

    worry about, if removed them himself they would just come back please

    advise of any tips to get rid of the sores/reoccuring pimples. Thanks.

  25. bed bug bites says:

    I guess I can join the unfortunate ones who have been btietn by spiders. I

    woke up on Christmas Eve with a large lump about the size of a walnut. It was

    red and painful. Day 2 seemed to be worse. There were three small black dots

    in the center which turned into one. Today the lump is gone but there is an

    area that is swollen and whelps. My inner ear is swollen and my face is feeling

    numb. It seems that what ever was in the lump is now out and all around the

    area. It is located on my right shoulder close to my neck. Day 3, I looked on the

    web and was terrified at what I saw. I raced to the emergency room. The doctor

    told me to put heat on it 20 min at a time. He also gave me a round of

    antibiotics and a steroid injection. I have started the heat and already I am

    getting liquid from it. I will keep you up to date on what happens next. I have

    been btietn before but never this severe.

  26. best survival says:

    I got bitten by a spdier while working /gardening in my yard a couple of weeks

    ago. It is near my tail bone, lower back area. The bite now looks exactly like

    Debbie’s bite on page 2, photo # 4, a flat crater with a very pronounced /raised

    ring around the bite.The bite constantly oozes clear liquid and is about three

    quarters of an inch wide. It has never itched very much, and is not too painful,

    but it is a raw sore. Does anyone know what type of spdier causes this bite?I

    live on the coast in South Carolina. From other pictures, it looks like a hobo

    spdier bite, but they are not found where I live.I was bitten by a spdier about 5

    years ago on my hand, but it was a totally different kind of bite extremely

    painful with my hand swelling to boxing glove size. Thanks for any help.

  27. I was bit approximately seven days ago on my belly. At first, I thuoght it was a

    mosquito bite since I had spent a lot of time outdoors on that day. However, it

    didn’t feel like any mosquito bite I’ve had before. It was red (rashy) and about

    the size of a nickle. It also had what appeared to be a small puncture wound in

    the middle which quickly closed up.The redness extended a little beyond the

    bit area. It was more irritated than painful and itchy/irritated whenever my

    clothing brushed against it. I rubbed alcohol on it once and didn’t scratch. At

    this point, the redness is starting to subside but, I still see the closed puncture

    wound. It’s also still itchy. I just wanted to know if anyone knows what bit me. I

    assume it was a spider since our apartment has a few of them. Whenever I see

    one, I kill it. Perhaps this is their revenge (lol).

  28. case ieftine says:

    I was bitten on my right shin and for days i tuohght it was an ant bite. It

    appeared as a small white head and itched a lot, then i popped it and extracted

    the fluid thinking that was all. HOWEVER days later it turned to a boil and

    when it drained on its own, it was black blood. All i did was wash it, peroxide it,

    apply Vaseline and band aids a few times a day until it somewhat returned

    normal. But that black scab thing is still left. Its been 3 weeks total.My worries

    was Tetanus. My left jaw hurt anytime i opened my mouth, but mostly in the

    mornings. This lasted for a week. I’m fine now, but I was wondering what

    spider could do that? I live in NC, and there are small jumping spiders around

    where i live. I’ve also heard that TMJ was a dental condition that had nothing

    to do with spider bites.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I have something on the uddsreine of my left arm, at first glance it looks like a pimple and when you look closer it looks more like a mosquito bite but it’s not

    itchy and the area around it is pretty wide, it’s not exactly swollen around it but more so puffy I’m not sure if this is an infected mosquito bite or some kinda

    spider bite. Last summer I woke to find a huge bruise on my right arm that looked as though I was punched in the arm the day before that I had been hiking

    through the woods with my best friend and my girlfriend so I know that was some kinda spider bite, but I have no clue what the hell this is. It looks kinda like

    the last picture but the center isn’t swollen, it’s more like the center of a mosquito bite.

  30. bed bugs treatment says:

    it was cellulitis and gave me a shot of Cleocin and 2 anoibittics to take at home (doxycycline and Bactrim). I was allergic to the Bactrim and was switched by

    my doctor to Levaquin. The redness and swelling started going down but it started opening up and there was a hole in my foot. This was after 2 weeks. My

    doctor sent me to the Wound Care Center who told me it was a spider bite. They cleaned it up, de9brided it, probed the hole and found 2 tunnels. I’m putting

    Dakin solution on iodoform (string of gauze) and putting it loosely in the tunnels now. They just did a culture on it. They couldn’t previously because I was

    already on anoibittics and you can’t be on anoibittics and have a culture done. I hope it will close up. This happened August 3rd. It’s taking a long long time.

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