Bed Bug Control

photo of bed bug feeding on human

Bed Bug Feeding on Skin

Bed bugs are New York City’s worst pest problem, because the population is rising. I know what you’re thinking just take off the sheets and clean them well and all of your problems will be gone! Unfortunately it’s really not that easy and bed bug control is going to take a lot more than a quick run to the laundry! This is one pest that just won’t disappear at least not that easily. If you’re thinking about just spraying a large can of bug spray that’s not going to solve the infestation either. It’s going to take a lot of willpower and some hard work on your end. There is a way to get rid of them but you do have to be patient.


Bed bug control can be one of the hardest things to deal with so the first thing that you need to do is learn about the pests. You should find out all you can about bed bug control and these bugs in general in order to rid your home of them. One thing you need to know is how they entered your home in the first place. Your home may be ripe with food and shelter for these little bugs and you’ve made it way to easy and convenient for them not to move elsewhere.


If you’ve noticed a lot of bedbugs then they may have been present for quite some time and created a widespread infestation. However, if there’s just a few here and there it may be a new infestation and you may be able to pinpoint how they got in your bed. Bed Bugs can get into the home in three different ways. They can come in via a person either living in the home or someone who was over for a visit and brought them along for the ride or they can come in via an object such as a teddy bear, clothing or a library book. They can even come in through the walls to adjoining apartments via cracks, electric outlets or vents.


Bed bug control is not easy so it is important to take all the necessary steps to kill them. You can hire an exterminator to come in and do the bed bug extermination or you can attempt it on your own. You may not be successful the first time unless you’ve read and understand how they come about and what actually eliminates them. Make sure you do your due diligence and get the pestcides and the equipment needed to get rid of bed bugs and their eggs for good!

We strongly recommend using an exterminator who specializes in bed bugs. Why? Because bedbugs multiply rapidly and do-it-yourselfers fail almost all the time. So the time lost allows the infestation to get worse…and can cost you much more to get rid of. The worse the infestation the more treatments will be necessary to kill all the bed  bugs. If the infestation gets very bad, you may have to throw away bedding and sometimes the furniture. So you can see how costs keep adding up, the longer these bed bugs have to breed in your home.

Using an exterminator early, can save you thousands of dollars compared to calling one in later. It is recommended that you get an Inspection so that a quote can be given more accurately. Phone quotes for a single treatment may be misleading, if you need more than one treatment. Another point to watch is how the Exterminator will “treat” your bedding and sofa. Low cost exterminators will often spray pesticide on your bedding and sofa OR tell heat cloud, chemical-free treatment for bed bug exterminationyou they need to be thrown out. YOU DO NOT WANT PESTICIDES SPRAYED ON YOUR BEDDING OR SOFA!
The Heat Cloud system is used specifically so you don’t smell or ever touch pesticides. This is very important if you have allergies or children.

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  1. 2k16 vc says:

    Wow, stunning site. Thnx ..

    so i got my first place a little stuido apartment ( been living here for 4 months); started out sleeping on the floor until i was able to get my bed transported to my place finally got a mattress (used) from a relative who showed no signs of bed bugs at all) the beginning of this week i was so excited to finally have a bed. well one morning i wake up and find some bite marks on me i think its probably just spider bites since id been finding them in the place well the next morning i find more bites on my arms..lower back..and legs so i ask ppl at work what bites they are they gave me responses from bed bugs..ringworm jiggers I’m getting pissed because all I’m doing is itching and its driving me nuts so i inspect my mattress don’t see anything at all go to inspect my box spring and see this blackish red bug crawling real fast i scream of course and grab my spray and doused the bug and do some more inspecting and come across 3 more bugs and douse them with this spray that’s supposed to kill bed bugs, yet the bugs are still moving and enjoying all the light! I’ve never had this problem and I’m stressing out ..i bagged all my clothes to be washed ..refuse to sleep in my bed and be a meal these bugs are making me go insane i bought some foggers do they work?

  2. zlital says:

    I have a bedbug prbeolm which started in the spring. After buying a major bedbug spray in large quantities from the store which did nothing I contracted a professional company but could only afford a one month treatment. I washed and dried everything which took forever since I am single and a senior citizen. They came back for the second treatment did a so-so job. I continued to find bedbugs and kill them. I also tried diatomaceous earth which I don’t know if it actually works or not because after falling asleep on my couch twice I woke to one biting me each time. After applying the earth I did see one die after it crawled through it. I then called the company back and even though they were a little annoyed they agreed to come back for another spraying (of course for an additional $200). This was a much more thorough job and guaranteed for 3 months. They were a bit touchy because I originally only bought the 30 day treatment. I told them if I could have afforded the 1 yr. guarantee I would have but I have very little money. My skin is extremely sensitive and reacts badly to bites. I felt a some itchiness last night, but no real bites, however, my grandson woke scratching and I spotted two blood splotches on his sheets. These were fresh sheets and light colored. I only hope that it is the result of the spraying and I am seeing the beginning of the end. I have cleaned and cleaned and my house was not dirty to begin with. I have thrown out bag after bag of clothes and excess clutter. I can not put away anything until I feel my drawers are bedbug free. Right now I feel like a TV hoarder because of all the plastic bags waiting to be put away! I can not continue to go through this again and am at my wits end. It is embarrassing, disgusting and repulsive. I wish something official could be done to eradicate these parasites. Or maybe it’s the 7 year locust all over again. Fire, flood and pestilence what’s next. I just need to know what else can I do?

  3. knogqu says:

    Hi there,I used to get bedbug bites in the past 2 years. I kinda know what it looks like or feel like. It’s one of the most terirble things in

    my life. I told the landlord and they got rid of them by using chemical. I also move away from the apartment, and I thought it’s over. Last 3

    weeks I got bites just the same that I got before. 🙁 I suspect I got bedbugs back again somehow. I tried to blame it to spiders. hehehe Anyway

    I know how bad the bites are like because I totally allergic to it. The venom of it make my skin swell so bad. It’s red around the edge and

    because it’s swell so bad so it’s yellow in the inside (no blood, just lymph), sometimes I have to poke it so it won’t be so tight. I slept on a

    mattress that places directly on the floor. I checked my bed but no sign of its habitat. I went and get a bed frame that has legs and put a lot

    of Vaseline ring around the legs so the bug can not bite me at night. Last night, I came home from work my room was dark and I am terrified from

    the bugs so bad, so I grab more Vaseline to put more on my bed legs, I saw something looked like a water melon seed on my carpet, so I put my

    wet finger with Vaseline tap on it. It is a bedbug! I was so happy as I suspect that there’s only one in my room and I got it. I put it in a zip

    bag and staple the outer seal so the zip will be totally secured. hehehe I’m gonna torture the thing. My friend told me that there won’t be just

    one bedbug 🙁 that’s really concern me, but I do believe, according to the amount of the bites, there’s only one that lost to my place. Tonight,

    I’m gonna sleep on the floor to see if there’s anymore bites. If not, I’m lucky. If there is new bites, the war will still going on between ME

    and The Bedbugs :-$The way I do it is I use the Tobi steamer zap though everything. Then put my clothes inside a garbage bag and put the steamer

    handle inside at the bottom of the bad and let it steam the whole bag until it’s extremely hot, then I do the next lot. 🙂 Steam everything,

    but make sure electronic is unplugged. Even it takes me a whole weekend but it worth it KILL the bed bugs! I wish I have steam gun like bazooka.

    Maybe someone should invent that. Bedbug Bazooka And it’s thhhhime! to declare war with The BUGS! sounds little crazy now I’ll end it right

    here. Hope you guys can get rid of them whatever way it takes. oh by the way, dumping the furniture and buying new isn’t gonna help to end the

    war against bed bugs, so don’t do that way, unless the bug poop is everywhere on the fabric and too disgusting to keep. Good Luck!

  4. Harry says:

    The bedbugs eveovld in caves. So analyze caves to figure them out. The bedbugs use two sensors to find humans: chemical receptors to detect carbon dioxide gas, and infrared sensors to detect relative heat, just like the cops use in helicopters to find hiding human suspects in wooded areas. Humans look white relative to the relatively cooler surrounding materials (bedding, walls, furniture). Recall that human skin is 98.6 degrees ALL THE TIME, even when at rest. Bedding, etc. is probably under 80 degrees even in summer without air conditioning. This temperature difference is substantial considering the fine tuning of the bedbugs infrared receptors. So to make a long story short, the bugs climb on the ceiling in order to get on the bed to suck blood from humans, and of course they can see the humans and of course they drop directly down to where the human skin is visible using the infrared sensors. If you don’t believe me, read some entomological journal articles. There are scientists studying these bugs, and the scientists are smart, like the scientists who developed hydrogen bombs and the scientists who put man on the moon. If you don’t believe in science, don’t ever go to doctors or hospitals, as they use science in a big way. The facts of bedbugs are not all known, but their sensor suite is somewhat understood and we know they use CO2 chemoreceptors and infrared sensors at least. There will be more discoveries. If you want info on infrared sensors, check out Youtube video of helicopters or drones using infrared sensors and notice how tires on cars, exhaust pipes on vehicles, or human beings are white compared to the surrounding cooler materials. This stuff is not rocket science, but it is science, and science is just as real as the bedbugs. Heat is the only definitive way to kill bedbugs without using illegal, third-world chemicals like Tres Pastitos ( three tiny steps or aldicarb). The caves never got hot where the bedbugs developed. Use a HS175KT Kerosene Forced Air Heater ($400) to heat up a house to kill the bugs, or to heat up a moving van to kill the bugs in your bed, furniture, and belongings. If you really hate the bugs, study them. Get some entomology textbooks. Consider getting a Ph. D. in entomology, and write your doctoral dissertation on the bedbug. It can be done. Become an expert on the enemy. Only then will you know and understand its weakness (temperature extremes) and how to exploit it (with construction heaters like the HS175KT Kerosene Forced Air Heater).

  5. Janet says:

    I was at my friends house for the last few days and slept on her couch the first night I woke up and was itchy on my stmaoch and my arms . The next morning I saw what looked like to be bug bites I didn’t see any bed bugs . Every night I stayed at her house I would wake up itching in the middle of the night and in the morning would find bites in different places. Could she possibly have bed bugs and I f she did how do I know if I brought them home with me, if I don’t see them, and how do I get rid of all the itching Ive had???

  6. she has seen signs of dead one’s not sure if it is just their skins or actual dead one’s she’s old and can’t see well, but she is still kinlilg them Her clutter is extensive and she can’t afford professional help, all I can do is lay the DE and hope that in time they go away =( God help all who have to go through this it is more than I can handle. If I ever got them I would have a mental breakdown! No place is safe and I can see that now

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