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  1. csgo says:

    Well I live in a 4 unit apartment buiidlng that used to be an old house.. there’s an old man that lives under me and i share a hallway with him. I recently saw a German roach passing through the wall and called an exterminator because i’m NOT a dirty person and have done nothing to deserve roaches! Upon the exterminators inspection of the whole buiidlng he found no roaches but he found bedbugs in the old mans apartment.. that hes been living in for almost 30 years. I personally haven’t had any bites or seen any bugs but my question is: can they come through the walls or pipes or under the door?! i know i could pick them up walking around his door or on his rugs. Could my cat pick them up if he accidentally ran into his apartment? I’m scared I’m going to get infested and i don’t want to have to deal with this is this a way to break my lease? I’m terrified to go back but i cant stand staying with my mother!! someone with answers please help 🙁