Pest Control Basics

Pest control refers to the process of managing a certain species usually of insects because of the detrimental effects on human health, agricultural products, ecology or the economy. Those can be anywhere from the ants creeping up in your kitchen to cockroaches living within buildings to insects covering an agricultural area and causing a decrease in productivity and agricultural yield. While most often, incidents occur with insects, it is possible that there will be a pest issue with bigger animals such as squirrels and seagulls.

photo of mouse which is a common pestPest control becomes a necessary action when you see that the problem is getting out of control and that the offending species is taking over a certain space and negatively impacting the environment.  Pests can cause diseases that affect human health or compromise the living conditions within the area.

Since infestation most often occurs because of a human activity, perhaps the most effective method of controlling pests is to treat the problem at its root cause, by removing the original causes of the increased pest population. This will ensure that the problem is avoided in the long term. However, there are cases where this becomes very difficult. Below are examples of modern methods of pest control:

Biological pest control introduces predators to hunt down pests and scare them from frequenting the space. An example would be using a cat to discourage mice from coming into homes.

Eco-Friendly treatments don’t require pesticides. Both heat and freezing treatments are now being used, when there is a concern over the use of chemical pesticides.

Mechanical control consists of physically removing the offending species or using a barrier such as fences to prevent animals from getting into the gardens.

Poison such as having poisoned foods to attract pests and kill them once they eat it. Slow acting poisons are carried back to the nest and kill much more.

Pesticides are perhaps the most common ways of pest control used in agricultural areas and mostly to eliminate insects and prevent them from growing inside and eating the produce. Pesticides are widely used by exterminators as a means of treating infestations.

Space fumigation targets all kinds of pests and is usually used when the space is badly infested. The fumes and chemicals used are usually toxic and all the residents must empty the space for few days or even weeks.

Traps are also an effective and common pest control method used today specifically to remove rats and mice from homes. They are usually a snap trap that literally traps the animal in a device, or a glued piece of cardboard. Typically a piece of cheese is used to attract the animal.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Basics
Integrated Pest Management coordinates the use of pest biology, environmental information, and available technology to prevent unacceptable levels of pest damage— using the most economical means while posing the least possible risk to people, property, resources, and the environment. Mike Raupp gives us five steps for an IPM system: building a knowledge base, monitoring your plants, making decisions, intervening, and keeping records. Incorporate IPM into your garden routine and you’ll be able to safely and organically control damaging insects.

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      We had them I got them from a high class hotel in Maine and took them back to California with me. UGgggg. I got misdiagnosed with all this awful sink prelboms until my pharmacist pegged it!!! My friend Linda told me how to use DE to get rid of it and that was the ONLY thing that worked. We used steam, expensive pesticides lots of washing vacuuming and cleaning and this was the only thing. But it was a lot of work making sure we did it right. You can beat this, don’t give up! xoxo Mary

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    The bed bug task force which is now not called a task force but a bed bug ardosivy board, and whose members haven’t been appointed yet, not sure what the holdup is is going to be 5 appointees and 5 NYC agency people. Their job will be to make recommendations for the City Council and for the Mayor. These recommendations will be around prevention, education, garbage rules, tracking infestations, etc. They are supposed to write a comprehensive report making specific recommendations. The appointed members of the task force will not get paid. About overscheduled technicians, I guess I would agree on that. One of the things we want to see but something the industry is very resistant to is specialized training of technicians and pest control operators, so that they learn about bed bugs and how to inspect and how to treat for bed bugs. As you must know, not everyone knows what they’re doing. Because things are so bad, everyone must know what they’re doing. It’s not a matter of simply hiring the good companies, which is what the industry thinks people should do. It’s about making sure there are as few unforced errors as possible.

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